Meet the Student Committee

Sydney Lopez - Second Look Weekend Co-Chair

Hometown: Portola, CA

Undergrad: University of California, Davis, 2014

Organizations: Latino Medical Student Association/Latino and Native American Medical Association, Black Medical Student Association, Minority Opthalmology Mentorship Program, eMpower, iMpact, Biorhythms, Phi Rho Sigma 

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Being in the LEAD program and getting to know my new classmates for three weeks over the summer!

Fun Fact: I'm a Bachata Latin dancer and performer!

Kevin Walsh - Second Look Weekend Co-Chair

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

Undergrad: Williams College, 2017

Organizations: Doctors of Tomorrow Mentor, Admissions Interview Day Coordinator, Delonis Homeless Shelter Volunteer, Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group, Pediatrics Interest Group, Clinical Research, eMpower Mentorship, Galens Medical Society, Intramural Sports

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Tubing down the Huron River tied to about 40 of our classmates during Launch Orientation Week

Fun Fact: I have been transported to urgent care on an Emergency Horse and Buggy.

Clare Anderson - Life Outside of THSL Co-Chair

Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, MI

Undergrad: University of Michigan, 2018

Organizations: Student Council (ICE/Chief Concern/Interprofessional Education Chair), Doctors of Tomorrow Capstone Leader, Clinical Reasoning Elective Co-Chair, The Smoker, Admission Ambassador, American Medical Women's Association (AMWA), Emergency Medicine Student Interest Group

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Having various board game nights with friends, and trying to go to every Ann Arbor restaurant before graduation.

Fun Fact: I've been in more than one bagpipe parade.

Ruth Bishop - DHE Day Co-Chair

Hometown: Shreveport, LA

Undergrad: University of Alabama, 2016

Organizations: U-M Student Run Free Clinic Patient Coordinator and Spanish Translator, Doctors of Tomorrow, Healthcare Education and Access Liaisons (Healthcare for the Homeless), Medical Spanish, Biorhythms, Catholic Medical Student Association 

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Getting to know my amazing classmates on a camping trip before classes started!

Fun Fact: Growing up I wanted to host a nature show, so I know about a lot of weird animals.

Grace Carey - DHE Day Co-Chair

Hometown: Shelburne, VT

Undergrad: University of Michigan, 2017

Organizations: Orthopedic Surgery Student Interest Group, American Medical Women's Association, Health Equity Scholars Program, Galens Medical Society, U-M Student Run Free Clinic, OB/GYN Student Interest Group, Biorhythms 

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Biorhythms!

Fun Fact: I think better upside down.

Laura Hayward - Social Media Co-Chair

Hometown: Yorktown, VA

Undergrad: Virginia Commonwealth University, 2014

Organizations: Doctors of Tomorrow, Med Start, American Medical Women's Association, Biorhythms, The Smoker, Galens Medical Society, Ultrasound Elective, Admissions Ambassador, eMpower

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Camping and hiking the Sleeping Bear Dunes at Lake Michigan with classmates and significant others.

Fun Fact: I can sleep in ANY moving vehicle!

Alisha Heximer - Hosting Co-Chair

Hometown: Fowlerville, MI

Undergrad: Cornell University, 2016

Organizations: Student Council (Doctoring Curriculum Rep), Galens Medical Society (Tag Days, The Smoker, Social Action Committee), Biorhythms, Admissions Ambassador, Med Students For Choice (MSFC), SafeMD, Clinical Reasoning Elective, Ultrasound Elective

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Board game nights and jokes while studying with friends.

Fun Fact: Taught rock climbing for several years at Cornell.

Ross Michaels - Academic Life Co-Chair

Hometown: Chassell, MI

Undergrad: Michigan Technological University, 2017

Organizations: Christian Medical Association, Otolaryngology 3D Printing Research Team, U-M Student Run Free Clinic, Victor Vaughan Society for History of Medicine and Philosophy, Wilderness Medicine Interest Group, Clinical Reasoning Elective

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Trying to dominate intramural soccer with my fellow "at the peak of our athletic careers" classmates.

Fun Fact: My wife and I have basically built a house with our bare hands.

ML Ryan - DHE Day Co-Chair

Hometown: Grass Lake, MI

Undergrad: University of Michigan, 2012

Organizations: Clinical Reasoning Elective, American Medical Women's Association (AMWA), Emergency Medicine Student Interest Group, Orthopedic Surgery Student Interest Group, OB/GYN Student Interest Group, Team Lead for Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) and No One Dies Alone (NODA), Healthcare Education and Access Liaisons (HEAL) 

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Taking part in the LEAD program before classes began.

Fun Fact: I used to be a Carny in a traveling fair.

Marquise Singleterry - Life Outside of THSL Co-Chair

Hometown: Chester, MD

Undergrad: University of Maryland

Organizations: Black Medical Student Association, Doctors of Tomorrow, Admissions Ambassador, Biorhythms, The Smoker, eMPower

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Road trips to Grand Rapids and Chicago with my classmates/friends! 

Fun Fact: I did competitive South Asian fusion dance all four years of college. 

Quintin Solano - Hosting Co-Chair

Hometown: Allen Park, MI

Undergrad: University of Michigan, Dearborn, 2017

Organizations: Doctors of Tomorrow, Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group, Latin American Native American Medical Association, Adaptive Sports Interest Group, NextGenMed, M1 Class Advocate and Treasurer

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Meeting and spending time with the amazing members of my class (UMMS did a great job of picking interesting, smart and down to earth people that foster a learning environment like no other). 

Fun Fact: At my first-ever professional baseball game with my dad, I was selected to throw the opening pitch! Go Tigers!

Arianna Strome - Social Media Co-Chair

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Undergrad: New York University, 2016

Organizations: Preventative Medicine Interest Group, Jewish Medical Student Association, Doctors of Tomorrow, MPact Mentorship, Student Diversity Council, Admissions Ambassador

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Ski trip up north with my classmates!

Fun Fact: I am a certified yoga teacher.

Haley Talbot - DHE Day Co-Chair

Hometown: Lake Orion, MI

Undergrad: Duke University, 2017

Organizations: Auscultations, Black Medical Student Association, American Association of Neurological Surgeons, The Smoker, Biorhythms, American Medical Women’s Association, Galens Medical Society, eMpower, Admissions Ambassador

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Watching my classmates take in, love and support my significant other as if he were "one of us."

Fun Fact: I speak Haitian Creole.

Ben Tooke - Academic Life Co-Chair

Hometown: Denver, CO

Undergrad: Case Western Reserve University, 2018

Organizations: U-M Student Run Free Clinic, Galens Medical Society (Tag Days and The Smoker), eMPower, Admissions Ambassador

Favorite UMMS Memory So Far: Taking home first place in kickball for Fitzbutler (KickButt-ler) at MHome Olympics. 

Fun Fact: Used to tour with a professional choir in Europe and the U.S.