Pursue Your Passions

Medical school life is centered on your experience.

Student with Medical School backpack on international trip

Our program is designed to give you plenty of opportunities and resources to continue doing what you love while exploring new and exciting subjects that pique your interest.

Whether you take on domestic or global health disparities, pursue basic or clinical research, double up on your degree with another top-ranked U-M school, or find your place among one or several active student groups on campus, we want you to feel at home here while you take on the challenges and rigors of med school.

Equally important is maintaining your personal pursuits: health and well-being, recreation and other diversions. When these are in balance, we all do our best.

People are very active in community service, educational events, and political activism here. If you like getting involved in activities outside of school, Michigan is a great place to be.

Erin Conrad, Michigan medical student