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Where You'll Live

Ann Arbor offers many housing options, from renting to buying, in a variety of price ranges and locations.

Many housing options start opening up in April and into May from graduating medical students and residents, so plenty of housing options are available no matter when you make your decision to come to Michigan. The Admitted Student Slack group is also a great way to hear about housing availability and find roommates. 

Many med school students find housing in the White Coat area or Kerrytown, two neighborhoods that are close to the medical campus and have a plenty of rental options. Of note, there is a new apartment/condominium development in the White Coat area that is now leasing.

There are also two co-ed medical societies (Phi Chi and Phi Rho Sigma) that offer some unique housing benefits. The Munger Graduate Residences is a relatively new facility on Central Campus designed specifically for the life/study-style of graduate and professional-level students.

Northwood Community is home to a large multicultural and international population of graduate students, students with families, postdoctoral research fellows, visiting scholars, faculty and staff members.

We’ve developed a Google map that pinpoints where many of our medical students call home. Click on the pins to see contact information for each location. Or check out this housing guide produced by VeryApt that features comments and reviews by Michigan Med students. 

If you want to explore the many options beyond our student suggestions (see "Student Insights" below), check out the University's Off-Campus Search Tool

Med Student Insights

Here are a few more firsthand accounts from students about what they were looking for in housing, why they chose to live where they did, and what they like (or don’t) about living there.


Island Drive Apartments
Alex Rzepecki

Housing Rank List

  1. Proximity to school
  2. Price
  3. Proximity to downtown
  4. Parking availability
  5. Comfort/size of bedrooms

"Island Drive has been a great place to live! My three-bedroom apartment is definitely among the most affordable housing options. It is about a 12-minute walk to the med school, and about a 25-minute walk to downtown. The lease comes with three parking spots and a washer and dryer in the apartment unit, which is very convenient. There is free guest parking on the weekends and on weekdays between 5 p.m. and 9 a.m. In the apartment itself, the walls aren't too thick so it isn't uncommon to hear the neighbors upstairs or my roommates through the walls, but that is something that you can get used to or buy a sound machine to help block out the noise. There are no dishwashers in the units, which may be a con for some but we have personally become quite used to it. Overall, it is a great housing option if you are trying to keep to a low budget!"

Carrie Tamarelli

Housing Rank List

  1. Proximity to school
  2. Proximity to downtown
  3. Price
  4. Feeling inside the apartment
  5. Landlord reliability

"I am happy in Kerrytown (well, technically Old Fourth Ward) because of its great location! In 10 minutes I can walk to school, bars and restaurants on Main Street, the Farmers Market, libraries and events on Central Campus, and shops (like CVS) on State Street. Although the camaraderie of White Coat Area is especially visible at the beginning of M1 year, it too is just a short walk away and many classmates live right in Kerrytown! Although our apartment (a two-bedroom unit that is on the third floor of an old house) is on the “cozy/charming” side (a.k.a. smallish), my M2 roommate and I agree that sacrificing some space (and a dishwasher) to get an affordable apartment in this neighborhood was worth it. We pay extra to park behind the house (snowy street parking can be a pain), and we share Internet with the med students who live in the apartment below us. The neighborhood is relatively quiet, but when the weather is nice my neighbors—from undergrad art majors to residents at the hospital—often hang out grilling on the many porches. So if you are looking for a convenient, friendly neighborhood with some character, Kerrytown might be for you!"

Medical Center Court Apartments
Noah Zucker

Housing Rank List

  1. Proximity to school
  2. Price
  3. Parking
  4. Space
  5. Management

"Medical Center Court Apartments has been a great place to live. It is close to the med school, close to classmates, and not too far from downtown. It is on the cheaper end, and while I would not consider my apartment luxurious, I have no problems with it at all. McKinley Management is great: always helpful and super nice. Parking was a big thing for me, and there is plenty of parking throughout the complex. I wish there were in-unit washer/dryers, but they can be found in every building. Overall, it is a very standard apartment but has been a great place to live."

Munger Graduate Residences
Arrice Bryant

Housing Rank List

  1. Facilities/amenities
  2. Networking with other U-M grad students
  3. Explore interdisciplinary interests
  4. Proximity to downtown
  5. Proximity to medical school

"Munger is the U-M graduate residence hall that opened in 2015. Six to seven graduate students from different programs share the common space of a fully furnished suite with an amazing kitchen, dining and entertainment area, while having their own private bedroom and bathroom that allows you to have your own space too. It is a place that connects you to the University of Michigan outside of the medical campus. Many students from different programs come together to make lasting friendships or find different approaches to today’s challenges in an interdisciplinary way. There are gorgeous study spaces, a movie theater and conference rooms to help facilitate this work. During the last few years that I’ve lived here, they’ve also done a great job of having weekly events on various topics, often with free food!

Munger also has an outdoor patio and running track with an amazing view, exercise facility, game room, pantry store and a relaxation room with massage chairs! It is a bit on the pricier side of housing when compared to other options, but the privacy of your own bed and bathroom, all of the amenities, the social and interdisciplinary aspects, and location downtown have made it worth it to me. It is about a 20-minute walk or 10-15 minute bus ride to the medical school and finding a parking spot nearby does require some investigation, but the community is very welcoming and willing to help make the transition to Ann Arbor as easy as possible. We even have a Munger community Facebook group for residents! I’d definitely recommend it to medical students and those looking for what Munger has to offer. Not only can we bring so much to the Munger community, but it can also give much to us in return. Go Blue!

Northwood Community Apartments
Daniel Nelson

Housing Rank List

  1. Proximity to medical school
  2. Space
  3. Price
  4. Amenities (A/C, laundry, dishwasher, internet, etc.)
  5. Recommendation from others

"I’m a student with a wife and two little boys, and Northwood fits our needs very well. We were coming from a place without much space and almost no storage, so Northwood with its spacious basements and roomy floor plans really fit the bill. In addition, it is an extremely convenient trip to the medical school. Most of the time (weekdays until about midnight), the bus runs every 10 minutes through Northwood, and a little less often at other times. It’s close to a grocery store and to the freeway, along with many strip malls along Plymouth Road. We came from a pretty inexpensive housing market, so although the prices seem high to us, they are pretty good for Ann Arbor standards. I really like that all of the utilities (including Internet) are included in the rent. This may not be a big deal to some people, but I appreciate having a fixed cost while on a budget. If you have (or are thinking of having) kids while in school, this is a great place. There are playgrounds interspersed among the apartments, with plenty of other kids around for your kids to make friends."


Nielsen Condos
Elly Gray

Housing Rank List

  1. Proximity to med school
  2. Proximity to other students
  3. Price and Quality
  4. Amenities
  5. Landlord

"I have loved living in the Nielsen condos this year, and almost everyone I know living here has had a similarly positive experience. They are much more spacious than a normal apartment and relatively modern. The location is great, especially your first year. It's in the White Coat Area, so you're surrounded by a bunch of your classmates and it's a very quick walk (~10 min.) to school. Some people rent these condos and some choose to invest in one and rent out to roommates. The price can really vary depending on the situation (anywhere from $600-$1000/person). Finding these places can be tricky, but one of the best ways is just paying attention to emails or the Admitted Student Facebook Group page. That's where most of these places will be posted. There are two different types of condos: the upper units have a tandem two-car garage and the lower units are a little smaller with a one-car garage. Each unit also comes with a parking pass for an outside spot. There are actually fewer spots than there are passes, but this usually is not a problem unless you’re coming home after midnight (there is overnight visitor parking at the Island Drive lot next door that most of us use if this happens)."

River House Condos
Katrina Williamson

Housing Rank List

  1. Proximity to school
  2. Spaciousness and home-like (rather than dorm) feel of the apartment
  3. Price
  4. Natural light/windows/balcony
  5. Parking

"I’ve really enjoyed living in the River House Condos this past year. Each condo has two bedrooms. Most of my classmates living here have roommates, but I’ve had the place to myself. My specific condo was recently updated: hardwood floors, painted walls, and modern-looking lighting. I really liked the fact that the space does not resemble a dorm. It feels very homey. I also really liked the amount of natural light that enters the space. Living in the White Coat Area has been super convenient. The walk to school isn't bad, and a lot of your friends and classmates live nearby. While it's warm, the walk to downtown isn't bad. During the winter, I suggest driving. A few things to think about: some condos have laundry facilities in them, though most do not (you have to walk a short distance outside to use them). The condos vary in several ways: how recently they’ve been renovated (I suggest looking at them first before renting), pet policies, and maintenance by owner (mine has been great). With a car, I’ve had access to everything I need. You’re near a lot of green spaces. And, if you enjoy wildlife, you will see deer and much more just walking around."

Medical Societies

Phi Chi
Stefanie Stallard

Housing Rank List

  1. Space (I have too much stuff)
  2. Proximity to school
  3. Price
  4. Parking
  5. Safety

"Phi Chi is technically considered a fraternity (you’ll see that term in some of the older literature), but that’s really not an accurate description of what it’s like to live there. For me, that’s a plus! You truly have your own complete apartment: no sharing a bathroom/kitchen or anything along those lines. The fraternity-esque component comes from the community (predominantly med students of all years) and the shared clubhouse, which is a truly awesome aspect of life at Phi Chi. The Huron River is literally in our backyard and it’s a beaut. It’s slightly farther from the hospital than the White Coat Area, but definitely not too far for commuting by foot or bike (and I’m a wimp so when I say that, you know it’s the truth). The price can’t be beat for a single bedroom apartment in the area and it includes ev-er-y-thing. Pretty much the only thing I’m bummed about is no washer/dryer in the individual units, but it’s still in the building and it’s free so not too shabby. I’m a happy camper here!"

Phi Rho Sigma
Emily Arnston

Housing Rank List

  1. Proximity to school
  2. Food provided
  3. Community of upperclassmen in the house
  4. Price
  5. Proximity to downtown

"I initially chose to live in Phi Rho because I had an M2 friend who lived there. I’m so glad that I made that decision! Living with 25 other people (including M1s through M4s) may sound overwhelming at first (especially if you’re used to living by yourself, like I was!), but it’s great to have upperclassmen around to give advice. The house provides a sense of community, but you can also spend as much time by yourself as you want, with your room as your own space and no pressure to do anything with anyone else. Phi Rho is also enormously convenient, especially for a busy medical student. Chef-prepared meals each weekday are included in the cheap rent of $720/month—no worrying about cooking and grocery shopping! We also have a housekeeping service for the common areas. Plus, Phi Rho is located in the lovely Kerrytown neighborhood, a five-minute walk to school and downtown. Living here gives me an automatic Ann Arbor family and makes my life easy!"


Ann Arbor
Laurie Griffin

Housing Rank List

  1. Neighborhood feel 
  2. Yard for child and dog to play in
  3. Easy access to everywhere- school, parks, downtown
  4. Fabulous K-8 school
  5. Separation from school to help with work-life balance

"I own a home on the Northside of Ann Arbor and absolutely love it. My husband and I knew we would be expanding our family during my time in med school, so we really prioritized buying a home with a nice yard so our dog and son would have a place to play. Our home is 1.5 miles from the hospital, so I bike to school. There are also buses that take you right to the hospital or downtown. We can easily walk to downtown/Kerrytown and are very close (3 blocks) to the river and trails in the local parks, which personally helped me to balance work and life. Our neighborhood is very popular and has a fabulous school, so resale after graduation is not an issue."

Blake Duffy

Housing Rank List

  1. Plenty of Space (3 bed/2 bath)
  2. Price
  3. Near school or on bus route
  4. Long-term financial gain/loss
  5. Pet friendly

"My wife and I originally intended to live in Northwood as it was the most affordable and quite close to campus; however, they don’t allow pets and they are on the small side for growing families. We then looked at the rental market in the nearby area and found it to be too limited on space and expensive given our need for multiple rooms and bathrooms since we have children and a dog (we’re in our 30s). At that point, we decided to look at the housing market and found that it would actually be cheaper over four years to buy a small house given the strong housing market and high rents. We found the market in Ann Arbor to be incredibly competitive and expensive, so don’t be discouraged if you have to make multiple offers or look outside Ann Arbor proper. We ultimately found a home in Ypsilanti on a bus route to the hospital (city buses are free btw), and I bought a parking pass for the year. Even if you plan to go to lecture daily, you can actually commute in and park and ride the free university buses quite easily and cheaply (parking passes are only $10 - $20 per month depending on the type of pass). Bottom Line: If you need more space and have savings from a prior career, the housing market in the greater Ann Arbor area is a great option that will very likely save you money over your four years here."