Students with Families

Michigan Med students with partners and/or families are more common than you think. Nearly 10% of our current med students have one or more people joining them on their journey. Whether you have a partner or children (or planning to have children) in medical school, we are here to support you. 

Plus One (or More)

There are many resources at the University of Michigan Medical School, and the greater campus community, to help you and your loved ones successfully make the transition to and through the next four (or more) years.

While being a partner and/or parent in med school is not an anomaly, it can feel overwhelming getting settled into your new routine and lifestyle as a med student too. Here are some resources to explore to give you a better idea of what to expect.

"Medical school with a family is a team sport. Ask for help whether it's from the school, your spouse, or your kids." -Juan, M3


Best Resources for Med Students with Partners and Families

Hands On Children's Museum in downtown Ann Arbor

Fellow Students

Without a doubt, our med students say that other med students with partners and/or families were most helpful in figuring out how to balance it all, lean on for support and generally be a good sounding board. Many students find it helpful to connect through Winding Roads, our student organization for non-trads.

Student Services Counselors

When you join a house within M-Home, you will be assigned a Student Services Counselor. Your counselor is there to talk to about any personal issues, extenuating circumstances or questions you may have. They are here to listen and help. Med students with partners and families cite their counselor as the number one person to talk to on campus about any concerns at school.

Go Blue Guide

Check out Go Blue Guide, the lifestyle website for new members of our Michigan Medicine community, for more information on all things related to settling into life in Ann Arbor. Find tips and links to things like looking for housing, searching for jobs, finding great childcare and schools, creating your list of fun things to do, etc.


Students with partners and/or families find our flexible quizzing and quiz-free weekends during the preclinical Scientific Trunk year very helpful for planning and making time with their loved ones as they get adjusted to med school together. While there are designated breaks in the Clinical Trunk year and Branches, schedules will vary depending on rotations and electives and place varying demands on the student’s time.