Match Day 2020

Match Day

Our Virtual Celebration of Their Real Accomplishment

While we could not be together in person for this year’s Match Day, our community came together in a new way to celebrate our amazing M4s as they found out where they matched for residency.

Many of our Match Day traditions transformed into virtual experiences:

  • Instead of opening an envelope at noon, our graduating students opened an email with the name of their matched program revealed on screen.
  • Instead of pushing a pin into a poster map, they dropped pins on cities via a virtual map.
  • Instead of delivering speeches from a podium, our faculty delivered their congratulations from their living rooms and offices.

We are so full of love and pride for these smart, talented, caring humans and all that they have achieved as Michigan Medical School students.

An outstanding 98.2 percent of Michigan Medical School students matched, exceeding the national average of 93.7 percent, meaning that one of the residency programs named on their list is where they will head for their training.

Match Day Infographic

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Did You Miss Out on Virtual Match Day?

Collage of different photos from Match Day 2020

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