Housing & Transportation

Upon acceptance into the program, PIBS students are offered numerous resources to help them find roommates and housing in Ann Arbor. Some examples of this include information from PIBS-alumni regarding places they live or have lived, lists of commonly used housing search engines, access to a PIBS facebook group to help find roommates, and more. We understand that transitioning into your first year can be stressful (especially finding housing), so we encourage students to ask both PIBS staff and current students all of their housings questions.

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Housing Tips

  • Many of the rental communities offer leasing specials with reduced rent and/or security deposit. Be sure to inquire about specials, even if they are not explicitly advertised.
  • Know which utilities are covered in your rent, and which ones are not. This can vary from place to place.
  • Be sure to ask about parking if you will be bringing a vehicle to campus with you.
  • Consider what bus routes may be available as parking on central and medical campus can be difficult during week-day business hours.
  • Do not allow yourself to be pressured into signing a lease before you are ready. Many housing options remain available throughout the summer and even into the school year.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Ann Arbor is usually quite close to the national average.

Review the current cost of living in Ann Arbor or use Sperling's Best Places Cost of Living comparison tool to see how much more or less expensive life in A2 will be.

Michigan blue bus

Getting Around Town

Ann Arbor is a very accessible city by bike or on foot. Many students take advantage of their free bus pass, too. There are options for parking around campus; however, finding a spot for your car may make the other options more appealing. Whatever mode of transportation you choose, Ann Arbor will be your town in no time!


There is no better way to get to know a city than by traversing it one step at a time. Depending on where you live, walking may be the most convenient option for getting to campus.


Ann Arbor is a very bike-friendly town. Students enjoy the freedom of zipping to their destinations and always finding a place to park. In 2010, Bicycling magazine voted Ann Arbor one of the Top 20 Bike Towns in the United States.

Riding the Bus

The U-M campus and city bus system provides a convenient, easy and free way for students to get from one place to another. Visit the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority Web site and the University's Parking & Transportation Services Web site for more details on routes and schedules.


Most students agree that finding a decent parking spot on campus can be a challenge, but for running errands around town, a car can be the best option.