Interview Weekends

After all applications have been received and reviewed by our Admissions Committee, qualified candidates are invited for one of two virtual interview weekends hosted by PIBS.

Prior to your interview, you will have the opportunity to review and select faculty with whom you would like to meet and be introduced to your student host via email. A complete itinerary will be sent to you before the day of your interviews.


 The Interview Weekend is planned so that you have an opportunity to:
  • Meet with many faculty in their labs
  • Spend time with your student host
  • Explore the U-M campus and Ann Arbor
  • Meet with current PIBS students
  • Learn about other programs/departments of interest
All interview activities for the 2021 admission cycle will be conducted virtually in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Although we will not be hosting on-campus interviews this year, we fully in intend to deliver a high-quality interview and virtual visit to our invited interviewees. More details to be announced later in the year.