Finding a Position at Michigan

The postdoctoral years make up an important phase for an early career scientist. This is a time for extensive training, exposure to new ideas, and exploring options for the future. Who you train with will have a big impact on where you go next. Finding a mentor that works best for you and your needs is vital for your long-term success and happiness.

All prospective postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to reach out to individual investigators or speak with your current supervisor/thesis mentor for recommendations. Use these resources to identify prospective mentors:

  • Michigan Experts database (by topic, name, or free text excerpts)
  • Biomedical Sciences faculty search by name, program, or research topic
  • Review department websites to identify faculty in your area of science. A list of departments in the Medical School can be found here.

Tips for a Successful Postdoctoral Search

Here are some questions to help guide you on your quest for a postdoctoral position:

  • Do they have the research I want to do?
  • Do they have a mentor that matches my interests?
  • Can I visit the lab?
  • Can I speak with current trainees to ask them about their experiences?
  • Will this mentor support time outside of the lab to attend events, seminars and other professional development?
  • Would I be the type of person who will do well there?
  • What type of person would thrive there?
  • What type of person would be frustrated?
  • Where are the last few trainees now?
  • What do I need to be happy?