GME Date Verifications

Below are the steps to request GME employment verification for a resident’s/fellow’s dates of training (any physician in an accredited graduate medical education program, including interns, residents, and clinical fellows) who is currently training or has trained at the University of Michigan.

The U-M GME Office only verifies dates of training. The letter provided through this system is not confirmation that training was completed and can only be used for verification of dates within a training program.

Confirmation of completion of training must be obtained directly by the U-M training program. A list of programs is available here

  1. Obtain a completed, signed copy by the trainee of the UM Authorization, Release and Immunity form (other entity’s release form will not be accepted).
  2. Click on “GME Employment Verifications.”
  3. Fill-in required fields and upload the completed/signed UM Authorization, Release and Immunity form.
  4. Within 5-7 business days an email from 'MedHub Notifications (' will be sent containing a personalized link to access the Verification Letter. If you have any questions or do not receive a response within 10 business days, please contact

The GME Office does not complete Medical Board Licensure forms or detailed institutional questionnaires. The residency/fellowship training program must be contacted.

Find a listing of training programs.

Malpractice Explanation

Incoming residents/fellows will complete the Malpractice Explanation Form as part of the credentialing application, when needed. Completed forms are returned to the GME Office (email and mailing addresses are located on the form).

Malpractice Explanation Form for Credentialing