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Thank you for your interest in rotating at U-M!

The University of Michigan Medical School (UMMS), as part of Michigan Medicine and the larger University of Michigan community, is closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak.

At this time, the earliest rotations currently available during the 2020-2021 UMMS Visiting Student Learning Opportunities begin June 8, 2020.  Our launch of the 2020-2021 application process is scheduled for Monday, March 16, 2020. Although the application process will remain open, the rotation dates available may change as UMMS leadership continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic. If a change occurs to the available dates and an applicant’s request is impacted, we will notify the applicant.

In the link below you will find a list of U-M campus and Michigan Medicine websites and resources available to learn more about how we are responding to this rapidly changing situation. We will add more content, and provide updates, as the situation warrants.

Click for a list of campus and Michigan Medicine websites and resources available to learn more about how we are responding to this rapidly changing situation

Our Visiting Student Program is not available to individuals who have already received an MD degree.

U-M Medical School offers a number of clinical electives to students who are in their final year and attending either:

  • A U.S. medical school that is accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME).


International Students

If you're attending an international (non-U.S.) medical school, please contact the Global REACH office to determine your eligibility. Global REACH coordinates all activities related to visits by international medical students, including U.S. citizens who attend a foreign medical school. International students whose applications have not been screened for eligibility by Global REACH will not be accepted.

U.S. Medical School Students

To be considered eligible for a clinical elective, a U.S. medical school student MUST:

  • Be in their final year of medical studies
  • Be in good academic and professional standing
  • Have taken and passed the USMLE Step 1 exam or COMLEX-USA Level 1 exam
  • Have taken and passed their required M3 rotations in Internal Medicine, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Pediatrics and Surgery BEFORE their elective here begins
  • Have completed 48 weeks of required rotations in the same medical school where they completed their basic science (M1 and M2) training
  • Meet requirements and prerequisites of the requested elective(s)
  • Apply using VSAS, AAMC’s Visiting Student Application Service; no applications are accepted outside of VSAS

Application Details

VSAS application requirements can be found in the appropriate link in the above RESOURCES section.Visit our Institution Information site in VSAS for further details about applying. This information is subject to change

Application Timeline

Electives Catalog Published in VSAS: Academic Year 2020-2021

Applications Accepted: Mid-March to February 1st of the following year

Application Deadline:  60 days prior to the start of the rotation.

Applications Processed:  Applications are reviewed for eligibility in the order in which they are received.  Due to the high volume of applications received, the review process may take up to 10 days or more.  Once eligibility is determined, the individual departments review their applications and determine availability in the elective applied to.  As you probably know, our own students are scheduled into the various department electives, and the departments have to balance the number of learners at the clinical sites, including the core clerkship students.  It is a delicate balance the departments strive to achieve to allow for an optimal learning environment for all the students involved.

Rotating off-cycle or off-block is not permitted:  You must rotate according to the 4-week rotation dates specified in the appropriate Visiting Student Clinical Calendar listed in the RESOURCE section above.

Elective Limits:  A maximum of two (2) 4-week electives (total of 2 months) may be completed.  Research electives are not permitted.  Only the electives listed in our visiting student catalog are available and only during the periods indicated in VSAS.  Some electives are not available to osteopathic medical students.  Please review the electives catalog in VSAS for more information.

Questions about Electives?

Under no circumstances shall an interested student make independent arrangements with a program or faculty. All inquiries regarding elective opportunities should be directed to the Medical School's Visiting Students Coordinator (U.S. medical students) or Global REACH (international medical students).

Contact Us

Questions about VSAS or our visiting students program? Contact the Visiting Students Coordinator