Madison Fitzgerald

Madison Fitzgerald

PIBS Student Outreach Representatives

Program: Microbiology & Immunology

Lab: Mobley Lab (Harry L. T. Mobley, PhD)

Email: [email protected]

Research Focus: Bacterial gene regulation during urinary tract infections


Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

"I first encountered microbiology at a science summer camp in 2008, and I immediately decided to become a scientist and pursue a Ph.D. (even though I barely knew what a Ph.D. was). There weren’t research opportunities for high school students in my hometown, but I reached out to the organizer of the camp and was fortunate to create my own. For my undergraduate degree, I attended Vanderbilt University where I worked for 3 years in a lab that studied uropathogenic Escherichia coli. In my senior year, I applied to graduate schools that my undergraduate research mentor identified as strong microbiology programs. I selected PIBS because of the program’s values and excellent student support systems. Starting grad school far from my family while grieving was incredibly challenging, but I found the support I needed here at Michigan. Currently, I’m a fourth year student in Harry Mobley’s lab studying Proteus mirabilis (also a uropathogen). I love using genetics to answer scientific questions, and I am passionate about making STEM accessible to everyone."