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Dr. Robert Bartlett cloaks Hanna Cheriyan with her white coat
April 19, 2017

From the NICU to medical school: An ‘outrageous’ idea that’s saved thousands of babies

It took Robert Bartlett, M.D., and his colleagues more than a decade of persistent research before their lifesaving innovation reached patients such as Hannah Cheriyan

Virtual microscope image
April 19, 2017

Michigan Health Lab: Body’s microscopic environment, free for educators and researchers

When it comes to understanding the human body, seeing is believing; new website allows teachers and students anywhere to look through a “virtual microscope”

Reshma Jagsi, M.D., D.Phil.
April 14, 2017

Reshma Jagsi, M.D., D.Phil., to lead bioethics and social sciences center

CBSSM aspires to be the premier intellectual gathering place of clinicians, social scientists, bioethicists, and all others interested in improving individual and societal health through social science and bioethics methods

History of professorships in U-M Medical School
April 13, 2017

University of Michigan Bicentennial: Monumental gift yield’s U-M’s first-ever professorship

While Elizabeth Bates set the precedent nearly 120 years ago, today the Medical School has nearly 300 endowed professorships

Marschall S. Runge. M.D., Ph.D. Q&A
April 10, 2017

Dean Runge: Embracing diversity will greatly advance Michigan Medicine’s tripartite mission

I encourage you to wander beyond your comfort zone. Welcome a different perspective, a challenging opinion, or an unorthodox approach. Entertaining new and different ideas will only make us better.

Medical student Rebecca Grossman-Kahn
April 04, 2017

University of Michigan medical student selected for unique international ethics program

Rebecca Grossman-Kahn will travel to Germany and Poland to study the conduct of executives and managers in Nazi-occupied Europe as a way to reflect on ethics in business and leadership

Branches curriculum graphic
April 04, 2017

Michigan Medicine Headlines: Medical students branch out during final two years

When students reach their third and fourth years, a new phase of the transformed curriculum offers them a more flexible educational experience

EBS teaching award recipients
April 04, 2017

Nine Medical School faculty receive EBS teaching awards

Recipients lauded for excellence in classroom teaching, mentoring, and leadership in the advancement of the teaching mission

Kenneth A. Jamerson, M.D.
March 30, 2017

Michigan Health Lab: ‘Why I Became a Doctor’: Michigan Medicine Physicians Share Their Stories

Doctors find their calling in many different ways. In honor of National Doctors’ Day, Michigan Medicine physicians reflect on the paths that led to their profession

Medical students in Columbia
March 29, 2017

Global REACH report highlights Medical School’s far-reaching international collaboration

2015-16 was a year of many milestones, with new institutional relationships, new overseas collaboration, and a growing network of students, scholars and faculty engaged in projects abroad

Medical School bicentennial: Amanda Sanford
March 29, 2017

University of Michigan’s Bicentennial: Celebrating Amanda Sanford, M.D.

She was the first female to earn a M.D. from the U-M Medical School, graduating with highest honors in the Class of 1871

A. Alfred Taubman Health Sciences Library
March 29, 2017

Tradeline: Transformation to exclusively digital library frees up space for Michigan Medical School

The Medical School engaged in a comprehensive project formation effort, aligning the goals of the new curriculum with the programming and planning needs to determine the most effective design

Faculty governance
March 28, 2017

Two Medical School faculty members elected to governance committee

Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs (SACUA) is the executive arm of the University of Michigan’s faculty governance system

Stumbling Blocks exhibit map
March 27, 2017

‘Stumbling Blocks’ bicentennial exhibition to tackle U-M’s history, look to future

‘New Approaches to the Ethics of Biomedical Research’ will be staged in Kresge Commons green space on medical campus

Gilbert S. Omenn, M.D., Ph.D.
March 23, 2017

Omenn Distinguished University Professor lecture to focus on bridging science and policy world

Titled “Proteins, Policy, and Paths Less Travel'd: My Career as a Physician-Scientist,” the talk will begin at 4 p.m. March 28 in the Amphitheatre on the second floor of the Rackham Building

Old Main (top) and U-M medical campus (bottom)
March 22, 2017

Michigan Medicine Headlines: The evolution of Michigan Medicine

In 1848, the board of regents appropriated $3,000 for the establishment of a “laboratory” — a precursor to the U-M Medical School. Over the next 170 years, the medical campus and its impact on health care would grow exponentially

U-M medical student learns her match
March 17, 2017

May I have the envelope, please?

U-M medical students learn their residency destinations during annual celebration

Veteran suicide
March 16, 2017

Michigan Health Lab: Drug and alcohol problems linked to vet suicides, especially in women

Veterans already have an increased risk of suicide; those with substance use disorders or mental health conditions are in particular need of help, a new study asserts

Research image
March 14, 2017

Medical School again ranks among the top 10 in research and primary care

U.S. News and World Report ranks U-M fifth for primary care, ninth among research schools, top tier in five specialties

Opioid prescriptions
March 09, 2017

Opioids before surgery mean higher costs, more problems more likely afterward

Research suggests that patients and physicians should be aware of opioid use before elective operations such as hysterectomy and bariatric surgery

Paths of Excellence graphic
March 02, 2017

Michigan Medicine Headlines: Paths allow medical students to pursue what ‘makes their heart beat’

Co-curricular with the new medical student curriculum, the Paths of Excellence program gives students the opportunity to pursue interests and areas of passion

Crash-test dummies
February 28, 2017

From the pages of Medicine at Michigan magazine: Rethinking crash-test dummies

U-M trauma experts are helping car manufacturers create safer vehicles for today’s drivers

Question and Answer
February 25, 2017

Muslim Medical Student Association Q and A: Ask a Muslim

This effort is an example of how we can initiate productive conversations about what makes each of us unique and distinct, and appreciate those differences

Global REACH
February 22, 2017

Michigan Medicine enjoys a Global REACH

There are hundreds of Medical School faculty engaged in collaborative research with colleagues and counterparts overseas in nearly every country

Marschall S. Runge. M.D., Ph.D. Q&A
February 22, 2017

Looking to the future with EVPMA/Dean Marschall S. Runge, M.D., Ph.D.

Michigan Medicine leader says organization needs to continue to define how patient care, research and education missions all work together to drive advances in health care