Jae Bucknor smiling

Jae Bucknor

PIBS Student Outreach Representatives

Program: Cellular & Molecular Biology

Lab: Chase Weidmann Lab

Email: [email protected]

Research Focus: Understanding how long-noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) are activated by transcription factor NRF2 in lung cancer


Hi everyone! My name is Jae Bucknor. I am a second year PhD student in CMB in Chase Weidmann’s lab. I am from southern California (born and raised). I am a proud Black and Asian (Belizean and Filipina) woman in STEM and am pursuing my PhD because of my interests in outreach, education, science communication, and public policy. I graduated from Cornell University with a major in Biological Sciences and minors in Inequality Studies and Science Communication and Public Engagement in 2021. I deferred my acceptance to PIBS to do research for a gap year because I wanted to refine my research techniques before starting my PhD. I started PIBS in the fall of 2022. I have lived all over the country: southern California, upstate New York, suburbs of Atlanta, Dallas, and now Ann Arbor. I originally became interested in pursuing my PhD to develop personalized medicine and address healthcare accessibility and various healthcare disparities in treatment and care. I have done research in many different areas: RNA exosome function, drug delivery, and gastrointestinal diseases to name a few. I am interested in many scientific disciplines: biochemistry, cancer biology, pharmacology, pathology and so forth which led me to join CMB because of its unique range in concepts. Please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions. Research interests, resources that UofM has (scientific, mental health, disability services), what I like to do around town, why I chose PIBS, and so forth! I look forward to hearing from you!