Outstanding Education

Our systems-based integrated curriculum is driven by experts and powered by student input. Fostering relationships with patients, peers and mentors begins on day one, and grows with opportunities such as the Initial Clinical Experience, Doctoring Course, Paths of Excellence and Leadership Program. Increasing independence, focus on clinical experiences and time for career exploration over the four years prepares students for a seamless transition to residency.

Global Impact

Making connections with patients in every type of healthcare setting is a big part of the University of Michigan Medical School experience. Whether it’s on campus, in our community or across the world, our students and faculty are engaged in global health care, education and research on every level.

Culture of Inclusion

We value diversity in all its forms. It’s at the heart of a healthy, well-rounded medical education. We strive to maintain a 50/50 split between in-state and out-of-state residents so students can expect to rub shoulders with peers from all walks of life and, through these interactions, learn how to better relate with their future patients.

Research Resources

The NIH and other agencies, industries, foundations and donors support an incredible spectrum of research here. Our grants and awards total more than $470M, ranking us among the top 10 schools. This level of support gives students access to a range of research projects and plenty of expert mentors to guide them.

Close Encounters

In addition to state-of-the-art clinical and research facilities on site, our school shares the greater University campus with other top-ranked schools in Public Health, Engineering, Public Policy, Social Work, Law and Business. We can help you connect with them through individual and interprofessional courses or dual degrees.

Great Match

Our students consistently match into their ranked programs at higher-than-average rates, and are among the top five most sought-after candidates by residency directors nationwide -- an inspiring endorsement of our graduates and the people who train them.


Total Support

Our admissions process is highly transparent—we let you know early and often about where you stand. Plus, every admitted student is eligible for a scholarship. We award some type of gift aid to nearly 60% of our medical students, totaling close to $10 million each year.

More to Explore

At Michigan, a whole world of interesting possibilities opens up to you outside of the classroom, too. From 60+ student clubs and organizations, intramural sports, and studies in other schools on campus to the unique traditions, lively culture and delectably diverse cuisine Ann Arbor has to offer, you will soon create a favorites list of your own.

Let's Change Medicine Together.