Higher Purpose

Everything we do centers on bringing our mission of educating students, physicians and biomedical scholars to life. Collaboration and engagement at all levels accelerate our ability to provide the highest quality spectrum of comprehensive knowledge, research, patient care and service. More than just keeping up with the changes in medicine, we’re setting the course.

Brightest Minds

Our reputation as a global leader in medical education and research begins with the talented people who choose to study and train here. Contributions from learners at every level continuously raise the standards in our community where collegiality, creativity and intellectual rigor are equally valued. These leaders of tomorrow inspire the best in our leaders of today.

Research Driven

From establishing one of the first genetic programs in the U.S. to performing the first successful liver transplant in the state of Michigan with a live donor, the University of Michigan is at the forefront of the pursuit of knowledge through endless discovery. Students, physicians, researchers and patients all benefit from the breadth and depth of resources available to not only better understand and treat diseases but also to address the challenging issues around doing so.

Best Medicine

People from around the world come to the University of Michigan to access our faculty’s best practices in clinical care and research. We leverage our expertise in a wide range of specialties to educate more than 1,000 residents and fellows, and provide the latest advances in health care to more than two million patients annually.

Global Impact

Understanding and addressing health equity and disparities within our own communities and around the world is essential to the Michigan experience. We integrate these concepts into our curricula, labs and clinics, from formal educational programs and strategic partnerships in countries like China, Ghana and Brazil to student-led initiatives like the Student-Run Free Clinic.

Open to Possibility

Essentially anything that you would like to accomplish can be done at the University of Michigan. Our top-ranked hospitals, schools and programs offer extraordinary opportunities and ample resources to explore what matters to you. Pursue your passions in the company of others who are here to help you achieve your best for the greater good.

Michigan Medicine. Get Ready. Get Set. Go Blue!