MedART is a longitudinal art therapy class for medical students that creates a space for discussion and creative expression. Sessions are free.

What is art therapy: PROCESS, not product art. This means we care more about the artistic and healing process, rather than the ultimate product that is created. Art therapy involves the use of creative techniques (such as drawing, painting, collage, coloring, or sculpting) to help people express themselves artistically and explore psychological and emotional challenges.

Curriculum: Example session topics: letting go of perfectionism, transient nature art (a day in the Arb), identity & the self, a day with clay, body image, color making & emotions, mental health, creating something out of nothing, isolation vs community, etc. Each of the art projects will correspond with wellness discussion topics. Examples of materials utilized: paint, markers, clay, pencils, collages, nature items.

Who: ALL medical students. Absolutely no art experience necessary.

Where & When: The class takes place September to December for 8 classes, 1.5hr sessions at Taubman Health Sciences Library. People are expected to attend at least 6 out of 8 sessions.

Final Showcase: The course will culminate in an art showcase for the community. This will be a mini class reunion, as well as a time and place to reflect and share your artistic process with others. After the showcase, there may be an opportunity for projects to be displayed in the medical school or hospitals.