Muslim Medical Students' Association (MMSA)


The Muslim Medical Students’ Association (MMSA) at the University of Michigan was created in response to the growing need for an organization that caters to Muslim students and their concerns.

The MMSA seeks to:

  • Enhance the understanding and appreciation of Islamic culture, especially with regards to medical care.
  • Encourage professional interaction between Muslim physicians and other health care providers and physicians.
  • Facilitate the learning and practice of Islam among students.
  • Participate in medical community service and other charitable activities.
  • Provide mentorship to Muslim undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing medicine.

Activities of this organization include a day of fasting for non-Muslim students during Ramadan, helping to establish case studies with Muslims patients for the first-year medical school class, and organizing and participating in a free health screening for the Muslim community in Ann Arbor. We are also affiliated with the Muslim Health Association at Michigan Medicine, and hope to continue building this relationship in the future.