Sling Health - Ann Arbor


Sling Health is a student-run group that facilitates bio-engineering design and entrepreneurship on campus.

This incubator brings together student teams from various backgrounds to address medical issues and improve healthcare. Teams are made up of health focused students, such as medical, engineering, law, and business students, to bring their expertise to the problems facing healthcare today. Our four objectives for what students will attain as a part of Sling Health at UM are as follows:

1. To learn about medical entrepreneurship in a multidisciplinary context, with engineering, medical business, and legal perspectives, while gaining team leadership and technical experience.
2. To join a fast-growing national network that has produced many prototypes, patents, and startups.
3. To work with other bright students and faculty on a problem of interest with the supporting resources.
4. Develop novel devices and software applications targeting unmet clinical needs.