Student Organizations

Find connections and expand your horizons through student groups

You do not have to give up what you love when you come to Michigan Med. Our campus hosts 75+ medical student groups, many of them founded by students. Ranging from socially and academically focused, to service and identity oriented, these groups round out your medical student experience. You can choose to participate in as many as you would like!

For information on student organizations, please contact Denise Brennan, [email protected]

AMWA at the University of Michigan is an organization comprised of women and men that seeks to create a diverse community dedicated to women in medicine—both as health care providers and health care recipients—through education, leadership, and advocacy.

A student-led organization welcoming Muslim students, physicians, and leaders to explore the inherent intersection between Islam and medicine.

Black Medical Association

The primary mission of the Black Medical Association is to recruit and retain African American students at the University of Michigan Medical School.

The Catholic Medical Student Association is open to both Catholic and non-Catholic students.

This is a community of Christian medical students is dedicated to fostering Christian growth in all areas of life, emphasizing the integration of faith into medicine, and witnessing to the truth and love of Jesus Christ in our relationships with our friends, our community and the world.

First in Family at the University of Michigan Medical School provides medical students who are first-generation (defined as students with parents who do not have four-year degrees) and/or low-income with the academic, professional, financial, and community resources necessary to succeed in medical school and in the medical profession.

A group that is focused on fostering Jewish community at the medical school.


The Latin American & Native American Medical Association was founded in 1985 to provide a more welcoming and supportive environment for our Native American and Latinx medical students at the University of Michigan Medical School.

Medical Students for Disability Health & Advocacy (MSDHA) is a student organization that aims to promote disability health initiatives and unite students with disabilities and chronic illnesses as well as allies at the University of Michigan Medical School.

The primary mission of Medical Students of Middle-Eastern Descent is to serve the Middle-Eastern population both in this country and in the Middle East.

The National Arab American Medical Association aims to develop avenues to promote consciousness of health-related needs of Arab and Arab American populations.

OutMD is a student group that serves to unite LGBTQIA+ individuals and straight allies in the University of Michigan Medical School and Michigan Medicine.

We provide support and guidance to medical students of South Asian descent as they enter the University of Michigan Medical School.

The Palestinian Empowerment Foundation is dedicated to supporting and uplifting Palestinian students through the power of education.