Student Organizations

Find connections and expand your horizons through student groups

You do not have to give up what you love when you come to Michigan Med. Our campus hosts 75+ medical student groups, many of them founded by students. Ranging from socially and academically focused, to service and identity oriented, these groups round out your medical student experience. You can choose to participate in as many as you would like!

NextGen Med University of Michigan Medical School

NextGen Med is a group of medical students committed to bringing in local as well as global leaders to the UMMS community to discuss current challenges in medicine.

The OB/GYN Interest Group offers students the opportunity to explore and appreciate the field of obstetrics and gynecology.

The Oncology Interest Group is designed to provide students with a forum to hear about the different fields of oncology from many perspectives.

The goal of the Ophthalmology Student Interest Group is to expose physicians-in-training to the exciting field of ophthalmology.


Our group provides information, assistance, and mentorship to medical students interested in entering or simply learning more about the field of orthopaedic surgery.

The Otolaryngology Medical Student Interest Group exposes students to the field of otolaryngology.

OutMD is a student group that serves to unite gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered individuals and straight allies in the University of Michigan Medical School and Michigan Medicine.

Pathology Medical Student Interest Group educates students on the diverse field of pathology and its subspecialties.

The Pediatric Interest Group introduces medical students to the unique fields of pediatrics and provides opportunities to expand their knowledge of important issues in this field.

Peer Support Advocacy was founded in 2017 by a med student as a means to provide real-time peer support to medical students.

Physicians for Human Rights mobilizes health professionals to advance health, dignity and justice, and promotes the right to health for all.

Plastic surgeons do everything from facelifts, to burn care, to neurally controlled prosthetic limbs.

The Psychiatry Student Interest Group is a resident physician and medical student-run interest group affiliated with the Michigan Medicine Department of Psychiatry.

The Radiation Oncology Interest Group provides pre-clinical and clinical students information regarding the field of radiation oncology.

SafeMD works to promote an environment in which sexual assault is illuminated, understood, not tolerated and actively combated.

SAFE is a nationwide organization of doctors, medical students and health care providers dedicated to eliminating the United States firearm epidemic through research, policy reform and education.

As a service-learning project, SLATE’s goals are both educational and service-oriented.

Do you have time for one coffee/beverage break every two weeks? Would you like to get to know your classmates better?

We provide support and guidance to medical students of South Asian descent as they enter the University of Michigan Medical School.

The Student Diversity Council is a forum for promoting diversity at the University of Michigan Medical School and the medical profession.

The Student Interest Group in Neurology aims to promote interest in neurology as a profession, provide neurology-related resources to the medical students at UMMS, and educate the community on topics of neurology.

STATS is a medical student organization committed to teaching local teens the facts about HIV/AIDS, dispelling common misconceptions and promoting safer behavior.

This annual symposium honors a former UMMS student who passed away in October 2010 after a road accident in Uganda where he was conducting AIDS research as an NIH-Fogarty Clinical Research Scholar.

The Surgeon Scientist Interest Group facilitates exposure to a career path that includes both research and surgical practice.

Clinical Simulation Center

SCRUBS is a student-run organization designed to offer a well-rounded perspective of the multiple fields within surgery, the life of a surgeon, and what it takes to be a surgeon.