Dr. Amiya Ghosh

Amiya Ghosh, PhD

Research Assistant
Professor, Internal Medicine

University of Michigan Geriatrics


109 Zina Pitcher Place

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2200

Areas of Interest

Adipose tissue inflammation in aging:

Age related adiposity is a risk factor for insulin resistance and inflammation. Adipose tissue inflammation in aging is correlated with up- regulation of inflammatory mediators in adipose tissue. However, the underlying mechanism of age associated adipose tissue inflammation is poorly understood.

Aging associated adipose tissue inflammation involves cross-talk between metabolic diseases and immune function. Dr. Ghosh's research interest is to understand age-associated adipose tissue biology which involves differentiation program of pre-adipocytes to mature adipocytes; its interactions with the immune components. The focus of his study is to find new targets for developing therapeutics in the management of insulin resistance and chronic inflammation of aging adipose tissue.

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