Patient Information

Sleep affects every organ and system in your body.  If you are having problems with your sleep, you need experts to help you understand and treat what’s keeping you from a restful night’s sleep. The University of Michigan Sleep Disorders Center is one of the nation’s leading programs, and among the oldest and largest, with nearly 10,000 clinic visits and about as many sleep studies conducted each year.

What We Treat

The U-M Sleep Disorders Center has three locations in order to diagnose and treat patients who have problems with their sleep or daytime alertness.  We can assist with several dozen types of sleep disorders, including: 

Once a diagnosis is made, a wide range of effective treatment strategies are available. The majority of sleep problems can be improved, controlled, or eliminated.

Next Steps

If you think you might have a sleep disorder and need to be evaluated, please call 734-936-9068 to schedule a consult with one of our specialists. Depending on your insurance type, a referral from your primary care physician may be required to schedule the consult, so please check with your insurance representative prior to calling for a consult.