Molecular Medicine and Genetics

U-M Molecular Medicine & Genetics Division, Dr. Eric Fearon
Eric R. Fearon, MD, Phd
Chief, Division of Molecular Medicine and Genetics
A Message From Our Chief

As use of genomic technologies continue to increase in research and clinical settings, the Division of Molecular Medicine and Genetics serves a key role in bringing together basic, clinical, and translational expertise in genomic medicine, with multidisciplinary faculty comprised of MDs, PhD scientists, and genetic counselors. Demand for expertise in genetics continues to increase, and the Division of Molecular Medicine and Genetics is committed to advancing scientific discovery and clinical care of patients.

Patient Care

In addition to our Medical Genetics Clinic, genetics services are available through several other Michigan Medicine clinics and programs, including the Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk Evaluation Program, Cancer Genetics ClinicInherited Cardiomyopathies and Arrhythmias ProgramNeurogenetics Clinic, Pediatric Genetics Clinic, and Prenatal Evaluation Clinic.


Our faculty are focused on various research areas including cancer genetics, inherited hematologic disorders, neural stem cells, the mechanisms and regulation of DNA repair processes in mammalian cells, predictive genetic testing, understanding the mechanisms controlled by Hox genes, birth defects, bleeding and thrombotic disorders, and human limb malformations. 

Education and Training

Molecular Medicine and Genetics faculty are actively engaged in the education, teaching, and mentorship of clinicians, and clinical and basic scientists, including undergraduate and graduate students, medical students, residents, and fellows from various subspecialties.