Carly is fully aware that food allergies are a life-and-death situation that has to come first. Part of her extended support structure includes a tight-knit group of friends that is respectful...

Nurse Nancy of the FAC gives advice on how to make the new school year a safe and successful one for your child. Read her blog...

Innovative online tools & apps from Residential Dining Services make it easier for U-M students to manage food allergy safely.

The FAC provides comprehensive services to improve quality of life for food allergy patients and their families.

Our experienced FAC staff brings free fact-based food allergy education to your organization.

Food Allergy Center

The University of Michigan Food Allergy Center (FAC) delivers the highest quality care and most comprehensive clinical services available for food allergy patients and their families. 

Our board-certified allergists conduct expert evaluation, testing and diagnosis at U-M’s specialized food allergy clinic and C.S. Mott Children's Hospital facilities in Ann Arbor. As a patient, you'll receive an individualized care plan that meets your specific health needs. This involves collaboration with referring doctors and specialists, as well as consultations with our food allergy nurse  and/or a social worker or registered dietitian. 

The FAC also provides free education and training to help families, caregivers and communities manage food allergy more successfully, keeping patients safer and healthier. 

Finally, doctors at the FAC engage in research aimed at improving patients’ quality of life and, ultimately, finding a cure for the millions who suffer from food allergy.

FAC Mission: To provide comprehensive food-allergy-related patient care and expand food allergy education, research and community services for this patient population.

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