Healthcare Administration Scholars Program


The University of Michigan Healthcare Administration Scholars Program is a 20 month educational experience designed for house officers interested in pursuing healthcare

administration as part of their career.  The primary goal of this program is to better prepare graduates to assume and succeed in a leadership position in healthcare administration.  Graduates of the program would have begun to develop the knowledge base and skill set required for them to be successful as the next generation of physician leaders. Additionally, the program would allow participants to establish a network for future collaboration.


The curricular objectives will be accomplished via the use of pre-requisite readings, small group seminar style didactics, expert panel discussions, workshops, and assigned projects.   Each participant will be expected to identify an issue relevant to his/her interests and activities and develop an individual project.  Participants will be paired with an appropriate mentor based on their specific interest.  This project will provide the scholar with an opportunity to apply the principles, skills and methods acquired in the program.  The completed projects will be expected to be of a quality that will lead to publication in an appropriate relevant journal.  The completed projects will be presented at a final program seminar and will be submitted to a relevant regional or national meeting. 


The goals of the Healthcare Administration Scholars Program are: 

a.  To train residents and fellows in the basics of healthcare economics, healthcare law and regulations, hospital administration, operations management, quality management, human resource management, healthcare information systems, and professional development.

b.  To provide the foundation and training necessary for residents and fellows to pursue a career in hospital or medical administration.

c.  To allow residents and fellows the opportunity to explore what a career in hospital and medical administration entails.

d.  To assist the participant in setting up a network for future collaboration, and in identifying appropriate mentors within their focus area of healthcare administration.

e.  To prepare graduates of this program for faculty level administrative positions or to pursue further graduate study in this area.