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This is the mission statement - This site is to demonstrate best practices for building a department website.  It also showcases some of our latest enhancements to provide additional flexibility and styling for department websites.

The department platform has several new features that we would like to demonstrate.  To allow / extend content and styling flexibility we're introducing 3 new custom content types and extend these behaviors to the department and section landing pages.  Content will be "widget" based (also known as paragraphs) - thus allowing maximum control over content layout.  

An additional "full-width" region has been added to the department, section, and new custom general pages that will appear below the current sidebar and content placement.  This full-width content will look the best where sidebar menus are short/collapsed.

The Related Person Content type has been updated to support external profiles as well as internal profiles.  Contact Michigan MultiMedia if you wish to use this content type.

Locations - Shared location content has been enhanced to support google embed maps.  Contact Michigan MultiMedia if you wish to add a google embed map to your page.

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