Common Questions

What is chronic pain?
Chronic pain is commonly defined as pain that persists for more than three months, or that outlasts the usual healing process.

What conditions does the U-M Back & Pain Center commonly treat?
Please see those conditions listed on Our Services page.

How do I become a patient at the U-M Back & Pain Center?
A physician’s referral is necessary to schedule an appointment at the U-M Back & Pain Center. For more information on the referral process, please visit our Referrals page.

How soon can I get an appointment?
Once we receive your physician’s referral and all appropriate paperwork, it takes approximately one to three days for us to review your information. Then, your appointment can be scheduled within two to four weeks.

What should I bring to my first appointment?
For a list of items that you should bring to your first appointment, please visit our Referrals page.

What can I expect at my first appointment?
At your first appointment, you will be evaluated by our team of specialists. Then, we will recommend the appropriate procedural and/or medical management strategy. 

How do I get to the U-M Back & Pain Center?
For directions to our Ann Arbor location or any satellite, please visit our Contact Us page.

Please call us at 734-615-7246, M-F 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., with any questions or concerns.