November 22, 2016

Dr. Brant Fries wins annual award for impact in healthcare policy and practice

Dr. Brant Fries has recently won an annual award for impact in healthcare policy and practice.


A leader in the fields of healthcare policy and assessment methodology, Dr. Brant Fries has devoted his career to developing assessment measures to improve the care of vulnerable populations across a broad spectrum of healthcare settings. He applies science-driven methods to implement these data in decision-making from the clinical realm to policymaking arenas to improve the care of millions of individuals.

Dr. Fries’ work focuses on assuring quality, designing effective payment systems and regulation, improving operational efficiency, and enabling effective financing and policy decisions. The assessment systems he has developed with collaborators over the past three decades have achieved widespread use in Michigan, across the U.S., and worldwide. His work has significantly changed long-term care practice and regulation in the U.S. and around the world, leading to improved outcomes for older adults and other vulnerable groups. 

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