Participate in Research

Research on aging seeks to learn more about how we age and how diseases that older adults often develop might be better controlled or prevented. The University of Michigan Geriatrics Center researchers are national leaders in the pursuit of such knowledge critical to the health and well-being of our aging population. Much of this research is made possible by individuals willing to participate in these studies and thus contribute to the health and independence of current and future generations.

Major areas of research at the Geriatrics Center include:

  • diabetes and conditions that put people at risk for diabetes
  • blood pressure regulation
  • risks of falling and balance problems
  • impact of exercise on strength, endurance, mobility, and health conditions. 

To learn more about the Geriatrics Center Research Participant Program, please contact us at (734) 936-6078 or visit the U-M Health Research website which connects you to clinical and health research studies at the University of Michigan. It allows you to view or sign up for studies that are currently recruiting participants.