February 16, 2015

UMMS Faculty Collaborate on Research Methods Workshop in New Delhi as Part of the India Platform

The University of Michigan and All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) held a one-week long, intensive course in research methods in New Delhi, India to foster bi-directional opportunities. The course intended to address a stated need at AIIMS for a formal, structured experience that would assist junior faculty in developing best practices for translational and clinical research. Using a combination of didactic and small group sessions, the workshop was focused on showing how the inductive reasoning process applies to both clinical outcomes and translational research.

Six Michigan faculty (Drs. Dean Brenner, Krishnan Raghavendran, Sandeep Vijan, Caroline Richardson, Pavan Reddy and Vineet Chopra) traveled to India in December 2014 to provide didactic and hands-on sessions for attendees. Michigan faculty partnered closely with AIIMS faculty who also led lectures and group sessions. A senior leadership team from both institutions helped oversee programmatic content.

More than fifty junior faculty members from all over India attended the research course, which was viewed uniformly as a resounding success. Attendees remarked on the depth and skills of Michigan faculty, and expressed their gratitude for the commitment demonstrated by the collaboration. Testifying to the impact of the workshop, several junior faculty who attended the course have submitted grants for intramural and national funding within India.

Moving forward, the UM-AIIMS Platform has proposed a second workshop in the fall of 2015 to further enhance collaborative efforts. In addition, researchers at Michigan continue to partner with those in AIIMS to develop programs of interest.

View the list of workshop participants here (PDF).
View the workshop schedule here (PDF).