December 20, 2023

Network members published nearly 400 papers with int’l co-authors last year

Global REACH faculty network members published a record 384 scientific papers with foreign co-authors in 2022-23, according to data compiled throughout the academic year. 

The figure marks the most such publications since Global REACH began tracking papers with overseas collaborators in 2016, and reflects a robust international community of researchers across disciplines. Overall, more than 100 UMMS faculty, as well as a handful of faculty from other U-M health science schools in the Global REACH network, published papers with international collaborators from 76 countries throughout the year, papers that appeared leading multidisciplinary journals including The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine, as well leading topical journals including Cells, Rheumatology, and the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

While some of the foreign co-authors are at institutions in high-resource countries, many others are from comparatively low-resource settings, including Global REACH Platform countries like Ghana (31 publications), India (27), and Brazil (32). Faculty network members produced 57 publications with Chinese co-authors last year from dozens of partner institutions.

Country-specific information is available for each of the six Collaboration Platforms on the website, as well overall data on all network-member publications with international collaborators in 2022-23. In each case, the reports include the article titles and respective journals, including links, as well as the U-M author information and (for Platform countries) the collaborating institution details. View the reports below:

All publications from 2023-24

Brazil Publications

China Publications

Ethiopia Publications

Ghana Publications

India Publications

Taiwan Publications