Amanda Kingston

Amanda Kingston, PhD, MA

Lecturer IV & Co-Curator, Anatomical Sciences


Dr. Kingston is a lecturer in the Division of Anatomical Sciences. She received her Ph.D. in Physical Anthropology from Stony Brook University in 2016 and completed a Postdoctoral Associateship at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix. Her research interests include human evolution and anatomical variation, technology in anatomy education, and development of effective active learning tools.

Dr. Kingston contributes to instruction of the undergraduate, medical, and dental anatomy courses.

Areas of Interest

Research and Scholarly Interests:

Anatomy Education, Active Learning Techniques, Formative Assessment

Subject Matter Expertise:

Human Anatomy, Formative Assessment, Primate Anatomy, Glabrous Skin and Tactile Sensory Organs, CT Reconstruction and 3D modeling