Dr. Glenn Fox

Glenn Fox, PhD, MS

Director, Anatomical Donations Program


Dr. Fox completed his Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Michigan in 2006, and was a Professor of Biology at Jackson College before returning to U-M. His research interests include: human anatomical variation, development and assessment of pedagogical tools for anatomy, computationally intensive algorithms to test hypotheses of lineage ancestry, species concepts, and inter- and intraspecific morphological variation in amniotes. 

Dr. Fox is a co-PI on BlueLink, a novel approach to contextualizing basic science, preclinical, and clinical concepts of anatomy via adaptive multimedia. He has a special interest in collections curation and management, and multimedia development and production. Dr. Fox co-directs First Year (M1) Medical Anatomy and DENT 545 Head & Neck Anatomy.

Areas of Interest

Research and Scholarly Interests: 

Human Anatomical Variation, Original Anatomical Description, and Anatomical e-Learning.

Subject-Matter Expertise: 

Human Anatomy, Head & Neck Anatomy, Thoracic Anatomy, Comparative Anatomy, Phylogenetics, Squamate Reptile Evolution & Ecology, Collection Curation, Multimedia Development, e-Learning, and MOOC Development.