The Center for Healthcare Outcomes and Policy is focused on health services research in acute and specialty care. Our scientists aim to evaluate healthcare policy and launch innovative large-scale quality improvement interventions. CHOP also plays a large role in the education of the next generation of health services researchers. 

The CHOP Mindset  

mindset diagram

At CHOP, we believe in a culture of lifelong learning. To this end, we utilize the following three strategies to ensure our team is constantly improving and innovating.  

Interdisciplinary Collaborations 

Interdisciplinary approaches are required to tackle our most pressing research questions. We prioritize diversifying our teams to capitalizing on the strengths of multiple disciplines. In this way, we can connect the dots in new and innovative ways.  

Focus on the Problem

"The secret is to gang up on the problem, rather than on each other." (Thomas Stallkamp) CHOP members and collaborators hone in on the research questions, methodologies, and issues at hand, not on their fellow researchers. By keeping the focus on the research, we are able to achieve more insightful breakthroughs. 

Be Gracious, Be Generous

Last, CHOP believes in graciously accepting our colleagues' constructive criticism, and generously giving their time through mentoring and thoughtful feedback. This mentality provides an ideal environment for mentorship and continued education, a core value of the center. CHOP hosts two weekly seminars during which trainees and members and trainees to give and receive feedback on their work. 

Our Team

CHOP's team is comprised of faculty, research scientists, analysts and project managers across a wide variety of fields. Navigate the links below or in the sidebar menu to learn more about our team.