The Center for Healthcare Outcomes & Policy has compiled a list of resources that members and fellows may find useful in their research and grant writing.

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K and R Mock study Section

In collaboration with the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation, we host mock study sections to aid IHIP faculty members in improving their grant proposals. These sessions provide structured mock study section feedback in a way that is organized like real grant study section. More information can be found here

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IHPI Career Award Archive

The Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation maintains an archive of successful grant proposals. Access the archive here, Kerberos (Level 1) credentials required. 
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IHPI Code Library

Access user-written programs (SAS, Stata, R) for common routines, tips and tricks, tables, figures, and more! For access rights and questions, contact Clarice Gaines at [email protected]
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Health Services Research Slack Team

In addition to the Code Library, this accompanying Slack team promotes communication and collaboration on all topics related to data analysis. Follow these instructions to sign up and get started ( or email is required). For questions about access, contact Clarice Gaines at [email protected]
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Visual Abstracts

Learn more about Visual Abstracts at, and download a free PDF primer
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Manuscript Writing Guide

This guide to writing a manuscript provides a blueprint for writing effective academic papers, displaying results, cover letters, and preparing response letters. 

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Medicare 101

This presentation made available by the Research Data Assistance Center helps orient new uses to the Medicare claims data. 
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Writing for Impact

Having great ideas and carefully executing analysis are only part of the equation. Inspired by Gill Welch's paper on preparing manuscripts, this book chapter explains how to write for impact.