Jim Dupree

Jim Dupree, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Urology
Director, Michigan Value Collaborative


Jim Dupree, MD, MPH, assistant professor of Urology at the University of Michigan, completed his residency at Northwestern University and an advanced fellowship in Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery (infertility) at Baylor College of Medicine.  He also completed a Health Policy Fellowship with the American College of Surgeons.

Now part of the Divisions of Andrology and Health Services Research, Dr. Dupree specializes in the advanced treatment of male infertility, low testosterone, and erectile dysfunction. He provides a range of expert services for couples/patients, including infertility evaluations, vasectomies, vasectomy reversals, testicular biopsies, sperm extractions, varicocelectomies, and penile implants.  Dr. Dupree also teaches University of Michigan medical students and residents about male infertility, androgens, erectile dysfunction, and federal health care policy.

Additionally, Dr. Dupree is the Director of the Michigan Value Collaborative and a member of the University of Michigan’s Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation and Center for Health Outcomes and Policy.  The Michigan Value Collaborative is a statewide quality improvement collaborative that leverages administrative claims data to define episodes of care and to help hospital leaders lower the cost and improve the quality of care provided.  Through this work, Dr. Dupree has expertise studying payment variation for numerous clinical conditions and identifying drivers of variation.  Dr. Dupree’s other research focuses on male infertility and reproductive health policy, with an emphasis on access to care and the impact of insurance coverage on infertility care.

In 2017, Dr. Dupree was awarded the American Urological Association James Gallagher Health Policy Scholar award.


Current Grants
5 R01 DA042859-05: oPIOIDS: Prevention of Iatrogenic Opioid Dependence after Surgery NIH-DHHS-US- 17- PAF02680
Co-I with Effort (Principal Investigator: Waljee, Jennifer Filip;Brummett, Chad Michael)
07/2017-04/2022. $3,137,204

5 R01 CA174768-05: Understanding optimal delivery systems for cancer care NIH-DHHS-US- 13-PAF04242 Co-I with Effort (Principal Investigator: Miller, David Christopher)
05/2014-04/2019. $2,000,594 ($486,648)

Michigan Value Collaborative Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Hospital Collaborative Quality Initiatives James M. Dupree, MD, MPH, PI
05/2015-01/2019. $1,347,331 ($1,347,331)

Understanding the relationship between Medicare's Readmission Reduction program and 30-day readmissions among patients in Michigan with private insurance BCBSF- 17-PAF07838
Co-I without Effort (Principal Investigator: Kaye, Deborah)
12/2017-11/2018. $10,000

Past Grants
The contribution of sex ratio distortion to male subfertility in humans and mice. U of M Reproductive Sciences Program
James M. Dupree, MD, MPH, Co-PI
02/2017-01/2018. $25,000 ($25,000)

Understanding the cost, quality, and utilization implications of providing insurance coverage for in-vitro fertilization M- Cubed
James M. Dupree, MD, MPH, PI
11/2015-12/2017. $60,000 ($60,000)

Ann Arbor Dow Division Health Services Research Symposium Dow James M. Dupree, MD, MPH, Co-PI
04/2016-03/2017. $10,000 ($10,000)

Educational grant in support of the American College of Surgeons Health Policy Fellowship American College of Surgeons
James M. Dupree, MD, MPH, PI
06/2011-06/2012. $15,000 ($15,000)

Published Articles or Reviews

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