Interesting Facts

Roy Davage Hudson, PhD Pharmacology 1962

Dr. Hudson was a graduate student in Zoology at Michigan in 1956 and took a summer job working for Dr. Domino. After completing his MS in Zoology, he transferred to Pharmacology to pursue his PhD with Ed Domino. He received his PhD in 1962 and was appointed as an assistant professor in Pharmacology.  Dr. Hudson was the first African American faculty member.  He left Michigan in July of 1966 for Brown University, where he was an Associate Professor of Medical Science and Associate Dean of the Medical School.  He also taught pharmacology at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.  He was the president of Hampton University from 1970 -1976, and Dr. Domino attended his inauguration at Hampton.

After leaving Hampton University, he returned to pharmacology and served as the Director (later as Vice President) of the research labs at Parke Davis from 1977 -1979. This was followed by multiple roles at Upjohn, initially as Director of Research (of the central nervous system) from 1981 - 1987; Vice President of Research and Development in Europe from 1987 - 1990; Vice President of Corporate Public Relations.

Dr. Hudson retired in 1992 but continued to serve as the interim president of his alma mater (BS) Livingstone College from 1995 - 1996.

He was awarded honorary degrees from Brown University, Lehigh University, and Princeton University. He and his wife, Constance (also a University of Michigan alumnus) live in Georgia.