April 29, 2016

2016 AACR Presenters

The following Program Members presented at AACR:

Megan Altemus - Merajver Lab

"Novel microfluidic blood-brain niche to study breast cancer metastasis to the brain"

Merajver Lab 

"Differential levels of glycogen in breast cancer cell lines: A potential new target"

"Macrophages increase the expression of RhoC in inflammatory breast cancer leading to increased migration"

Caroline Arellano-Garcia (Kleer Lab) and Rosa Menjivar (Barald Lab)

Student Caucus Poster Competition

Alexander Pearson

"Head and neck patient derived xenografts acquire histopathalogical and growth rate changes over increasing passages"

Poster: "A computational algorithm to predict tumor growth and cancer stem cell proportion in-vitro and in-vivo from single-cell observations"