Cancer Biology Anonymous Suggestion Box

Semester Grading/Evaluation (Google Forms)

Each term, mentors are required to complete the appropriate Student Lab Progress Summary Forms for each of their students. If a faculty member is the mentor for multiple students, they should submit one form entry for each individual student (ex. If you are the faculty mentor for three Cancer Bio students, you should submit three separate forms each term). As part of the Student Lab Progress Summary Form, mentors will be asked to include the appropriate grade (A+/-, B+/-, etc. for pre-candidates; Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U) for candidates.)

This is meant to be a collaborative process between faculty mentors and students. Mentors should discuss the form and form responses with their students prior to submitting the form. Once a mentor submits the form, a copy of their responses will be sent to their email. Mentors should then forward the e-mailed copy of their form responses to their student directly in addition to discussing the feedback with them.

Dissertation Committee Meeting & Progress Report

Biannual Committee Report - Student Form: All candidates should submit this form and send a copy of their form responses to the members of their thesis committee at least one week prior to the biannual committee meeting. A copy of your form responses will be sent to your e-mail. Please forward the copy of your responses to all members of your thesis committee. 

Biannual Committee Report - Faculty Mentor Form: Faculty mentors should complete and submit this form within one week of the biannual committee meeting and send the copy of of the form responses (which will automatically be e-mailed to you) to the Cancer Biology Program Administrator and the Program Director. Please discuss this report with the student and share a copy of your form responses with all committee members.