Neurobiology of Disease - Metabolism, Cognition, and the Brain Throughout Life

Metabolism, Cognition, and the Brain Throughout Life

Summary of Editorial

The goal of this special edition of Neurobiology of Disease is to better understand the connection between the individual and collective components of metabolic syndrome (MetS) and a wide array of neurological disorders that span the lifetime of individuals, from autism spectrum disorder and neurodevelopmental disorders in youth to chronic progressive neurodegenerative disorders in adults. These topics are covered in a collection of informative reviews coupled with primary research articles that can be divided into four main sections: 1) Neurodevelopmental implications of metabolism, 2) Effects of diabetes and obesity on cognition, 3) Lifestyle and metabolic interventions, and 4) Primary research articles. Together, these articles address aspects of the relationship between MetS and neurological disorders throughout life and offer a timely overview of the recent research advances, current clinical implications, and potential treatment strategies.


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