2023 UM Pain Short Course

The 2023 UM Pain Short Course took place on July 10th, 2023 and July 11th, 2023. 

Keynote Address: Emerging Topics in Pediatric Pain: Tonya Palermo, PhD

Symposium: Symptom Domains of Nociplastic Pain: Dave Williams, PhD, Daniel Whibley, PhD, Laura Frey-Law, PhD, PT

 Keynote Address: Dimensions of Consciousness: George Mashour, MD, PhD

Challenges and Opportunities for Translational Neuroimaging of Pain: Theodore Satterthwaite, MD

 NIH HEAL Intiative: Laura Dover Wandner, PhD and Lanay Mudd, PhD

Trainee Data Blitz: Eoin Kelleher, MSc, Jessica Ma, MD, Lakeya McGill, PhD, Bridget Mueller, MD, PhD

Symposium: Chronic Pelvic Pain: Andrew Schrepf, PhD, Jason Kutch, PhD, Stacey Mismer, ScD, Suzie As-Sanie, MD

 Alcohol, Opioids, and Pain: Trent Hall, DO, Pooja Lagisetty, MD, MSc