Multiple Sclerosis & Clinical Neuroimmunology Fellowship

The University of Michigan Multiple Sclerosis Center seeks to train qualified, dedicated neurologists who wish to become experts in the diagnosis and longitudinal management of multiple sclerosis and related inflammatory disorders of the central nervous system. Fellows will receive comprehensive training through one-on-one supervised patient management, didactic sessions, and exposure to clinical multiple sclerosis research for the duration of their fellowship. Fellows are supervised by the Fellowship Director and other University of Michigan Multiple Sclerosis specialists. The duration and structure of the fellowship can be, in part, customized based on the goals and interests of the fellow. Fellows primarily interested in a 12-month clinical fellowship typically spend 60-80% of their time seeing patients. Fellows who secure grant funding for a two-three year multiple sclerosis research fellowship will spend 20-40% of their time seeing patients, and the remainder of the time engaged in clinical research training, as outlined by their sponsored fellowship research proposal and research mentors.

For the 2023-2024 application and interview cycle, our program will be participating in the Neuroimmunology & Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship Match.
Please register and apply through the SF Match