November 4, 2020

Congratulations to Shoba Subramanian!

Shoba has published two articles in Inside Higher Ed and Current Protocols

Shoba, CDB faculty

The Importance of Conferences and Networking in PhD and Postdoctoral Training


Conferences play an important role in enabling trainees to develop and apply competencies in science, in communication, and in networking during biomedical PhD and postdoctoral training. This article offers guidelines for trainees on how to use conferences to initiate, sustain, and strengthen connections, including in virtual conference formats which could become the norm in the future. Additionally, it provides tips for expanding professional networks via broad mechanisms such as informational interviews. Recommendations in this manuscript are applicable to trainees pursuing diverse career paths in different STEM fields including education, scientific research, policy, advocacy, consulting, and communication.  Read more here.

Beyond 2 Suitcases

Shoba Subramanian explores the professional challenges international grad students and postdocs continue to face -- and offers some advice to them as well as their academic colleagues.

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