Graduate Student Program Contacts


Diane Fingar - Graduate Program Director

Email: [email protected]; Phone: (734) 763-7541

Ryoma (Puck) Ohi - Associate Chair, Education & Training

Email: [email protected]  Phone: (734) 763-3530

Drs. Fingar and Ohi meet with all incoming students and continue to communicate with you throughout your training about coursework, prelims, thesis, and committee research.

Jacqueline Popma - Graduate Program Coordinator

Email: [email protected];  Phone: (734) 647-2633

Jacqueline can address your student-related questions and works with students to get issues resolved.  She handles student registration, fellowships, supplemental stipends, Gradcare, grant applications, and everything else student-related.


Graduate Student - CDB Onboarding Guide

Email: [email protected] for administrative support and a quick response to your questions.