Primary Faculty

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Pierre Coulombe

Pierre Coulombe

G. Carl Huber Professor
Department Chair, Cell & Developmental Biology
Professor, Department of Dermatology
Research Focus: Epithelia, skin, cell differentiation, tissue homeostasis, tissue repair, genetic diseases, cancer, intermediate filament, keratin, nucleus
Ben Allen

Ben Allen

James Douglas Engel Collegiate Professor
Associate Professor
Research Focus: Hedgehog Signaling, Vertebrate Embryogenesis, Cancer, Stem Cell Biology, Adult Tissue Homeostasis, Renewal and Regeneration

Dawen Cai

Assistant Professor
Research Focus: Neuronal stem cell, single-cell transcriptome, Neural circuit formation, plasticity
Doug Engel

Doug Engel

Elizabeth C. Crosby Collegiate Professor
Research Focus: hematopoiesis, erythropoiesis, T cell development, hematopoietic stem cells, transcription

Diane Fingar

Associate Professor
Research Focus: Cell signaling; growth factors; nutrients; protein kinases; mechanistic target of rapamycin (mTOR); mTORC1; mTORC2; cell growth; cell proliferation; cell survival

Roman Giger

George Linius Streeter Collegiate Professor
Research Focus: Central nervous system, axon regeneration, axon-glia interaction, myelin, neuroinflammation, optic nerve injury, spinal cord injury, synaptic plasticity, mouse genetics

Jiandie Lin

Bradley M. Patten Collegiate Professor in the Life Sciences
Research Focus: Metabolic disease, energy metabolism, transcription, secreted factors, lncRNA
Shyamal Mosalaganti

Shyamal Mosalaganti

Assistant Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology, U-M Medical School
Research Assistant Professor, U-M Life Sciences Institute
Research Focus: Cryo-electron tomography, in-situ structural biology, lysosomal membrane proteins, organelle contact sites, neurons
(734) 647-5557
Melanie Ohi

Melanie Ohi

Associate Professor
Research Associate Professor, Life Sciences Institute
Research Focus: Single particle electron microscopy, cryo-electron microscopy, spliceosome, pre-mRNA splicing, S. pombe, structure biology, yeast genetics, bacterial pathogenesis, membrane proteins
Puck Ohi

Ryoma Ohi

Associate Professor
Adjunct Research Associate Professor, Life Sciences Institute
Research Focus: Mitosis, Cytokinesis, Microtubule, Kinesin, Microscopy, Reconstitution

Billy Tsai

Corydon Ford Collegiate Professor
Research Focus: Host-pathogen interactions, ER protein quality control, viral infection, diabetes

Kristen Verhey

A. Kent Christensen Collegiate Professor
Research Focus: Intracellular Trafficking, Microtubules, Motor proteins, Cilia, Axonal transport, Posttranslational Modifications

Lois Weisman

Sarah Winans Newman Collegiate Professor in the Life Sciences
Research Focus: Intracellular Trafficking, myosin V motors, signaling lipids, neurons, neurodegeneration, yeast, lysosomes

Bing Ye

Burton L. Baker Collegiate Professor of the Life Sciences
Research Focus: Neuron, development, circuit, dendrite, axon, brain disorders, Drosophila, mouse