January 5, 2022

New publication by the Hortsch lab!


This integrative review summarizes the scientific evidence about the use of information and communication technologies in the teaching of histology and discusses its implications. The authors used the descriptors ‘Educational Technology’, ‘Information Technology’, ‘Histology’, ‘Teaching’, ‘Learning’, and their corresponding Portuguese translation for a comprehensive search of the published literature. This research was performed in May 2020 and targeted the PubMed, SciELO, LILACS, WOS, and SCOPUS databases. Studies published between 2010 and 2020 in Portuguese, English, and Spanish were included in the analysis. After excluding dissertations, reports, and duplicate reviews, 11 articles were identified for an in-depth analysis, which discussed the use of different technologies, such as digital platforms, mobile apps, virtual microscopy, and video classes for the teaching of histology. All studies concluded that these technologies could have a considerable impact, both positive and negative, on academic performance, the correct interpretation of histological structures, as well as students’ motivation and satisfaction. The authors’ analysis indicates that the use of the above-mentioned technologies in combination with traditional methods has the potential of transforming the teaching and learning process for histology. However, how such technologies impact students’ learning success needs to be carefully considered.