M.S.T.P. Curriculum

Established in 1979, the Michigan MSTP is tailored to meet the educational needs, unique talents and dedication of students who seek a combined MD-PhD degree with the goal of establishing a career in academic medicine. Our 227 graduates represent the best of what the University of Michigan contributes to the advancement of science and medicine.

Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) students receive 18 credit hours for medical school coursework. This typically includes training in biochemistry and cell biology to satisfy course requirements in these areas. MSTP students are required to take core coursework in the Department of Human Genetics including HG545, HG546, PIBS503, HG803, and 2 semesters of the student seminar course, HG 821/822. Three elective credits are waived for MSTP students; thus, they need to select a minimum of three elective credits of graduate coursework to fulfill the requirement for the Ph.D. degree.