HG 632

HG 632

Fall Term - 1 credit

Kaushik Ragunathan, Ph.D.

Course Description

The GTP trainees participate in this course in the fall term. Active GTP faculty members present informal seminars about a research area in their laboratories to introduce GTP students to genetic strategies, research, and technologies used at the Michigan undergraduate and medical school campuses. The small group setting facilitates interaction and discussion among students and faculty. A recent, relevant publication is distributed to the students to read prior to the class meeting.

2020 Schedule

  • September 14: John Moran, Ph.D. “Introduction to the Genetics Training Program (GTP)”
  • September 21: Anthony Antonellis, Ph.D. "Ubiquitously Expressed Proteins and Restricted Phenotypes: Exploring Cell-Specific Sensitivities to Impaired tRNA Charging"
  • September 28: Jeff Kidd, Ph.D. "Comparison of village dog and wolf genomes highlights the role of the neural crest in dog domestication" & "Unlocking the origins and biology of domestic animals using ancient DNA and paleogenomics"
  • October 05: Nils Walter, Ph.D. "Unlocking the origins and biology of domestic animals using ancient DNA and paleogenomics"
  • October 12: Gyorgyi Csankovszki, Ph.D. "Caenorhabditis elegans Dosage Compensation: Insights into Condensin-Mediated Gene Regulation"
  • October 19: Tom Wilson, M.D., Ph.D. "Frequency of DNA end joining in trans is not determined by the predamage spatial proximity of double-strand breaks in yeast"
  • October 26: Pat O'Brien, Ph.D. Altered DNA ligase activity in human disease"
  • November 02: Sally Camper, Ph.D. "PROP1 triggers epithelial-mesenchymal transition-like process in pituitary stem cells"
  • November 09: Stephanie Moon, Ph.D. "Neuronal Regulation of eIF2a Function in Health and Neurological Disorders"
  • November 16: Malini Raghavan, Ph.D. "Variations in HLA-B cell surface expression, half-life and extracellular antigen receptivity"
  • November 23: Kaushik Ragunathan, Ph.D. “Does olive oil in water make a functional salad dressing?”