HG 632 FA 2022 Schedule

2022 Schedule 

  • September 12: John Moran -  “Introduction to the Genetics Training Program (GTP)”
  • September 19: Stephanie Bielas "Investigating Human Neuropathology of Brain Development" (Moderator: Alice Telesnitsky)
  • September 26: Sue Hammoud  "Protamine Gene Editing Reveals New Insights into Paternal Contribution" (Moderator: Sally Camper)
  • October 03: Andrew Tai  "Genetic Screens for Host Factors in Viral Infections" (Moderator: Nicole Koropatkin)
  • October 10: Eric Martens  "Genetic and Genomic Investigation of Complex Carbohydrate Metabolism in Human Gut Bacteria" (Moderator: Paul Jenkins)
  • October 17: UM Study Break - no class
  • October 24: Mary O'Riordan  "Dissecting Mitochondrial Function in the Innate Immune Response to Infection" (Moderator: Lyle Simmons)
  • October 31: Hayley McLaughlin  “Gene Silencing Reveals New Insights into SCA3 Pathogenesis”  (Moderator: Lev Prasov)
  • November 07: Liz Tibbetts  "What Can Wasps Teach Us About the Evolution of Face Recognition?" (Moderator: Timothy James)
  • November 14: André Green "Making and Migratory Monarch" (Moderator: Christiane Wobus)
  • November 21: Ryan Baldridge "Discovering Degrons of the Endoplasmic Reticulum Lumen" (Moderator: Laura Buttitta)
  • December 05: Chase Weidmann "Visualizing RNA-Protein Networks in Live Cells with Chemical Probing and Sequencing Technologies" (Moderator: Sue Hammoud)