March 22, 2011

Sally Camper recieves Rackham Distinguished Graduate Mentoring Award.

To honor and encourage the considerable efforts and accomplishments of faculty who consistently serve as effective mentors of doctoral students, the Rackham School of Graduate Studies has established the Graduate Mentoring Awards for tenured faculty from any discipline. Graduate students and their department leadership are encouraged to identify faculty who guide students throughout their professional training in a continuing, multifaceted partnership sustained by mutual respect and concern. The successful mentor serves as advisor, teacher, advocate, sponsor, and role model, ensuring that the experience of dedicated scholars and artists remains accessible to the full spectrum of graduate students. This award is part of the Graduate School's continuing efforts to foster a culture of mentoring and increase awareness that such mentors serve as models for the entire faculty.

Sally Camper, Ph.D.

Margery Shaw Distinguished University Professor of Human Genetics
Professor of Internal Medicine